The Low Down on Lip Fillers

Lip filler treatment has taken the world by storm, more than it has ever in the past. The so called Russian doll lip has become universally requested across different cultures due to the latest celebrity trend. This trend has had people divided and you either love it or hate it. I must say, residing in […]

Love your boobies!

October in the famous Breast Cancer Awareness Month Here are some interesting figures and facts….. Breast cancer are one of the commonest cancers in South African women with a 1 in 27 lifetime risk according to the national cancer registry – its quite a shocking figure! We are all at risk but more so if […]

The low down on Back Health

Every year, for a week, we celebrate the hard working profession of Physiotherapy. In which we aim to educate all people of back pain and how physiotherapy can assist with decreasing and preventing it! Back pain has been very common since the beginning of time. All people of all ages can experience back pain. It […]

Acne struggles

Acne affects most teenagers and young adults to varying degrees. Without treatment, it will usually clear by age 25 but around 5% of women and 1% of men still require acne treatment into their 30s and 40s. Adult-onset acne often occurs in women who are undergoing hormonal changes such as pregnancy or menopause and this […]

Breastfeeding made easy

Being a new mother (or even a second time mother), one of the hardest things is breastfeeding. For some people it is just easy but for others (more than you think) it is really challenging. We assume that latching and drinking will be easy, you will have enough milk and that nothing can go wrong. […]

HIV in Pregnancy and Children

We have come a long way in the past few years in the management of HIV. An ambitious 90:90:90 treatment target was implemented to end the AIDS pandemic. This well known target aimed to have 90% of people living with HIV to know their status by 2020, 90% of those diagnosed with HIV to be […]