Heel Pain in the Young Athlete

December holidays are something of the past. Schools are starting, the days are sunny (sometimes) and suddenly with a big bang, all athletics, tennis and swimming events are back in full swing Our young athletes start with practicing and playing these sports several times a week. Physical activity will always be encouraged for children so […]

When Weight is not About Numbers

And so the saying goes… summer bodies are made in winter BUT what if summer is already here and your body isn’t beach ready?   Yes, we turn to quick crash diets and appetite suppressants to get those kilos down but is this sustainable weight loss? Definitely not! So the question remains, how do we […]

Anxiety in Teens and Kids

Since the first Covid-19 infection was reported in 2019, the world as we knew it ceased to exist. All across the world countries declared a state of emergency and forced billions of people into lockdown. Since then, much of our focus has been on the impact of this virus on our health, healthcare systems and economy. […]


Colic in babies? Or maybe low and high thresholds? As a first time mother, I was terrified about sleepless nights. I started reading up about sensory personalities to try and get ahead of it and WOW a whole new world opened up to me! So let’s start and give a little background to consider when […]

Ergonomics in the workplace II

Hopefully you’ve already made your posture adjustments and worked your little breaks into your daily work routine. Today I will go into depth regarding your workstation setup. Desk and chair placement Keep in mind that your posture should still be correct with both standing and sitting at your desk. Your desk should always be placed […]

Ergonomics in the workplace I

Every one of us has been there – “just one more hour and then I will be done” or “Just one more article” and when you check the time four hours have passed and you end up having a painful back, neck or shoulder. The setup of your workplace is an extremely important aspect in your […]