Elan COVID-19 Protocol

Patient Management Protocol for COVID-19 at Elan Healthstyle

Patients that suspect infection with Corona virus please do the following:
• Do not enter our or any other healthcare facility
• Phone the practice immediately at 013 590 7345
• Phone the NICD (National Institute for communicable disease) tollfree no 0800 029 999 as well
• Implement home isolation immediately and protect yourself and your family members.
• Apply the basic precautionary measure to avoid spread masks, hand and respiratory hygiene.
• Please do not book lung physio session without a doctor’s referral stating diagnosis and management.


Please read below for more detailed information:

Patients with a high index of suspicion of Corona virus infection need to be investigated.  Those presenting with the following symptoms:
– Fever
– Sore throat
– Cough
– Shortness of breath
– Runny nose

WITH the following criteria in the 14 days prior to symptom onset:

– Close contact with confirmed/probable case of Corona infection
– History of travel to area/country with local transmission.
– Worked in or attended any healthcare facility where a patient with Corona virus was being treated.

⋅  Please phone our practice immediately and also phone the NICD tollfree number as stated above.

⋅  Please do not enter any healthcare facility without phoning first, in order to limit spread.

⋅  Dr’s Blair and Camphor will assist patients with a high index of suspicion via telephonic/skype consult addressing the following matters:
– Testing for Coronavirus – how, where and what.
– Management of symptoms for uncomplicated infection if confirmed positive.

⋅  Please implement home isolation immediately using the home-isolation fact sheet – please inquire from our reception to send along via email.

⋅  Please implement the necessary precautionary measures immediately – hand washing and de-sanitising with alcohol-based disinfectant, wearing of a mask or any coverage of mouth and nose, cough hygiene.

⋅  Physio patients – no walk-in lung physio patients will be assisted without a doctor’s referral letter stating diagnosis and management. Please arrange doctor’s visit prior to your lung physio appointment and email your referral letter to physio@elanhealth.co.za.  This is for both adults and children. Strict measures are implemented in order to limit spread.

⋅  Please consider getting vaccinated against flu – Influenza, as this might complicate matters heading into winter season. Please inquire form our reception if you would like to have the vaccine done at our practice.

⋅  Travel advice: Please see the WHO recommendations on international travel but travelers who are ill/has underlying chronic disease/elderly should avoid travel to endemic areas:

⋅  For more information, please visit www.sacoronavirus.co.za

⋅  To join the WhatsApp support group, send “hi” to 0600123456

Please stick to the following protocol in order to keep Elan an infection free healthcare zone so that we may continue to manage patients and continuity of medical treatment.


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