Vivette Phillips

Vivette Phillips is qualified somalogist who specialises in skin and body care and is avidly passionate about lash extensions.

Vivette was also born and raised in Nelspruit where she studied at La-Lique Beauty School and obtained her Cidesco Diploma.  She entered the work field in Nelspruit and then spent a year abroad on Bermuda Island where she worked in an exclusive upmarket salon which is was one of the highlights of her career.  Upon returning to the Lowveld, she started her own business and furthered her skills with acrylic and gel nails, lash extensions and reflexology.

It was then that she met her husband, married and kept on her toes with 2 young daughters.

Vivette joined the Elan Healthstyle team in 2018 as Byou Beauty Studio and is focussing on aesthetic skin treatments such as the Green Peel together with the Lamelle Skincare range with their medical skin treatments.

Vivette loves beauty therapy as she sees the results of her work leading to women looking and feeling more beautiful which in turn generates inner confidence and sense of peace.

Dec 27, 2014