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I’m going to put this out there… yes, I have nice skin (apparently) and I get loads of compliments on it of late. I personally don’t see it as perfect, but hey – that’s the joy of being an older millennial, isn’t it? Also, no pressure to maintain this at all!

Unfortunately, there is no quick answer to having perfect skin. If I could attribute it to one key aspect alone, it would have to be consistency. Consistency in every aspect of skin health.

Few tips:

  1. The sun is not your friend
    • We all love a good tan don’t we? Nothing better than that summer holiday glow. But… we will love it now and hate the damage it inflicts in a decade or so.
    • So avoid it as much as possible or keep to early morning or late afternoons for your direct exposure if you must.
    • We live in Sunny SA so no need to be a complete vampire here – if you do spend time in the sun, hats, UV protection swimwear, shade and constant reapplication of sunscreen if your way to mitigate the damage.
  2. Invest in your skincare products
    • Your home skin care is like putting fuel in your car to keep it going. In office treatments and trips to your aesthetic doctor, would be the equivalent of regular car services. Both work together. As individual entities, not as much.
    • Your skincare products are an investment. The medical ranges available through doctors’ practices have plenty of research and studies behind them to prove their effectiveness (and expense unfortunately). I usually advise my patients to invest in some key medical products and save on some others. All person dependent of course.
    • Then again, we get to the consistency part – use your sunscreen daily, use your serums daily. And be patient!
  3. Your aesthetic doctor will become your friend
    • Why? Because again, consistency here, means regular visits to her (or his or their) practice.
    • I advise a treatment every 3-6 weeks depending on the concerns we’re working on and how intensive we’re going with the treatment plan.
    • In the beginning, more regular treatments may be needed in order to achieve results. After that, we progress to the maintenance phase where we maintain the results which means less frequent visits to our lovely practice.
    • What treatments are we talking about here?
      • Chemical peels (both superficial with no downtime and those deeper ones which leads to visible shedding of skin)
      • Medical microneedling with medical active solutions
      • Mesotherapy or skin boosters
      • PRP (platelet rich plasma) treatments
      • Light treatments
      • We use all these treatments together to achieve and maintain that healthy glow!
  4. Look after your body
    • I’ve mentioned all skin specific things above but our skin is an extension of our body and does reflect what’s happening with our overall health.
    • Stay hydrated. Omit the evening glass of wine… it wreaks havoc on our glow! Drink water. A lot – simple.
    • Eat the rainbow – try and fill your plate with as many colours of vegetables as you can.
    • Ditch the sugar.
    • Smoking… I don’t have to say anything more here – imagine how many more skincare products you could buy if you weren’t buying the pack of smokes? Win / win!
    • Sleep! Ever heard of beauty sleep? It’s A thing!

It may sound like a lot but doing small things consistently ultimately leads to happy, healthy skin! It is not about changing you but about creating the best version of you that brings out your inner confidence. If that’s happy, healthy skin, then so be it.

We’re all for skin health at Elan HealthStyle!


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